David Vidgen Ltd are Inbound Marketing Professionals based in Birmingham. The companies that we mention on this website have been vetted and appropriate due diligence has been carried out to ensure that the quality of their work and goods is of high quality. We feel that it is vitally important that when we put our names to their websites, they have similar business ethos to ourselves.

Whilst all the services advertised and featured on this website are offered by our clients, we do not take any referral fees or commissions for recommending their work. We encourage all parties who are seeking trades services to undertake their own due diligence. We believe at minimum this should include:

  • Inspection of their work
  • Conversations with both recent and past customers. This is especially the case with building related services because often it takes time for building work errors to come to fruition. A happy client today, may not be a happy one in say 5 years time.

All images and text on this website are owned by our clients. All illustrations and designs are owned by David Vidgen Ltd.