Are you looking to have your garage converted? We are local builders in Birmingham who specialises in garage conversions, single storey and double storey house extensions.

Most garages cannot accommodate modern vehicles so they are often just adjoining outhouses that are taking up valuable space that could be used for an office, playroom or dining room.

Garage conversions are subject to building regulations because they are being turned into a habitual living space. This requires the room to feature adequate thermal ‘U’ values and any electrical work to be carried out by a trained individual. If permission is not sought to change the use of the room, this will lead to problems selling your home in the future.

Not all conversions are subject to local planning permission, as it often depends on whether you are keeping the existing flat roof, if it faces a public highway. If the front of a garage does not have a sufficient footing, this will need to be added to building control specifications. If this proposed addition to the structure, requires building over any drains or pipework, then permission will also need to be sought from your local water company. We take on all this work, so you have peace of mind that any addition to your home complies with the necessary authorities.

Ceiling height

If you are looking to match existing ceiling heights, this often requires the garage roof to be elevated with additional brick courses.  If the budget permits, we always recommend installing a new double pitched roof that matches the existing roofline, this is because in the long run this will save money and avoid having to have a new roof fitted overtime. It can also create additional loft space for storage and gives a greater impression of your home.

Garage floor

Many garage floors are often a couple of brick courses below the main house so the installation of a new floor to match the existing house will be required. In many cases the depth of the floor is inadequate to allow for the installation of floor joists, this is because building regulations requires a 150mm void between the old garage floor slab and any new timbers joists. Therefore in order to comply with building regs the only option is to install a new waterproof membrane and raise the floor to dpc with poured concrete.

‘U’ Values

Most garages comprise of single brick thick walls, so in order to achieve adequate thermal ‘U’ values, either rigid insulation board and a waterproof membrane will need to be fitted or blockwork to create a new cavity wall. If a double pitched roof is preferred, then erecting blockwork is advisable because this will give the new gable end wall increased strength and it will take the load of the new roof.

The downfall to installing blockwork is that you will lose 100mm of your internal dimensions (compared to using 100mm rigid insulation board on its own). However, by creating a cavity, the chances of water bridging the cavity and causing damp are much lower.